Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blog Bash - Trembimbi Dinnerware

Oh the rare occasion there are times where I really really... really want to steal Connor's stuff and this is one of them.

Why eat with plain ole boring dishes, cups and utensils when eating can be as fun as playing with your toys?

Trebimbi's Puppets Club dinnerware items turns eating and table time into an adventure. Even the pickiest of eaters will want to come to the table to join in the fun.

Personally I am a huge fan of the cup, those little feet and his fat little face makes me want to use him myself!!

Though Connor may be too young still to eat with a fork or a knife, we do get a lot of use out of the plate and are working on how to use the cup. I especially appreciate how large and deep the dish is for little hands. Its great for working on learning how to eat with a spoon as it gives him lots of room to push the food around and creates a nice barrier to keep the food in.

I was a bit concerned about the quality of the utensils as every plastic handled fork or knife I have ever had up till now have been cheaply made, but I am really impressed to say that they are really nicely done and the little faces on the utensils is a fun touch!

For those of you that are concerned about BPA and safe eating and drinking products for your babies and toddlers you will be very glad to hear that the Puppet Club is made from polypropylene and stainless steel so its totally safe and BPA free!

Trembimbi products are available at!

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Laura said...

These are crazy cool!! Thanks for reviewing them.

jenny said...

how cute i would realy love to try to win this for my little one you know thanks

Anonymous said...

I would love for my son to have these!
Stephanie V.

Anonymous said...

these are great would love to use them with my 3 kids.
bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

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