Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blog Bash - KangarooBoo Review

KangarooBoo offers a virtual smorgus board full of deliciously fun toys and baby care items. I've been spending what seems like hours browsing their toy selections and I just can't find one single thing I do not want..

I LOVE wooden toys, something about the simple nature and soft lines of organically based toys is so comforting. Giving a child a beautiful toy and leaving the rest for their imagination to grow without the use of batteries is a gift all its own. Not that I am knocking plastic battery powered toys at all, but its nice to sometimes have some toys that leave you some of the play up to you! Kangraboo has a huge assortment of wooden toys made all over the world. I especially love the fact that you can search by "where the toy was made".

We got a Plan Toys Twisted Form for Connor's birthday and it make look small and simple but its design is ingenious!! Instead of fixed shapes each of the shapes twists to make a whole new shape. I thought Connor would have difficulty with this idea so early on.. but I took it out of the box and he was working it almost immediately. Its small size makes it really easy to store as well, my only regret is that it doesn't have a place attached to the toy to store the pieces more securely than just the top as I am terrified I will loose them!

Along with toys KangarooBoo offers some beautiful baby accessories and room decorations. I am so fond of the Doggie Mobile I may have to look into getting one to hang from Connor's ceiling!!

KangarooBoo offers a percentage of each sale to children related charities. You can even decide which charity of the ones that they support that your order goes to! To see a list of charities you can visit their charities page.

Visit KangarooBoo and get 5% off your purchase until May 31st! Use code the code : SDB5 All orders over $75 have free shipping as well!!

I highly recommend that you check out KangarooBoo 's sale items as well as the not made in china section!

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Anonymous said...

the wooden blocks are great i prefer those over legos. awesome store
bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

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