Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Bash - Kushies Toys

I have been a long time admirer of the designs of Kushies Toys. The bright colors, interesting patterns, and unique designs make them appealing to kids of all ages (including myself). I personally love his black and white swirly ear which happens to look like the top of a wooden spoon, its kind of an unexpected surprise!

Connor actually squealed when I opened the box of his Kushies Zippy Ozlo, its no mystery as to why Connor loves dogs so much but this is not only beautiful but it doesn't talk back when Connor pulls it around the house by his tail, unlike his dear friend Melos.

The colors and patterns make it pretty enough to use as a piece of decoration as well as a toy and I certainly do not mind seeing it it randomly scattered about my house. There are actually three other Zippy's we can add to our collection and the rings on the front and the back of Ozlo would allow us to hook them all together to make a Kushies Zippy parade!

Along with the great pull toys Kushies makes some great toys that will truely appeal to everyone in your household. The Kushies Stacrobats are as much fun when your one as when your eighty. Finding new ways to arrange them on their magnetic base is strangely addicting and unfortunately I've found they are also a great way to avoid doing homework... Connor especially loves to put the balls together and pull them apart, something about the magnets fascinates him and he is often found putting his stacrobat friends into his dump truck and taking them for a ride around the house. When your done playing you just put them back inside their base which is great for storage and even better when you want to take them with you to the grandparents house!

Speaking of going to Grandpa's house. Kushies just came out with a new travel bag for babies and kids called the My Bag which I am dying to get my hands on. It looks like they have thought of everything including diffrent bags within the bag to keep everything sorted. I'll have to add the chocolate/blue one to Connor's wish list!

You can buy all of Kushies products including their entire clothing line, toys, and accessories direction from their online store.


Anonymous said...

how fun. my kids would get a lot of excitement out of these
bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

Grace Acres said...

I love these toys, howfun for them and us. I will be checking out the bag.

mverno said...

great toys would love to have any of them

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