Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Babywearing eyecandy!

For those of you that have not seen Bronwen Handcrafted's wares before now when it comes to babywearing chic she has you covered!

Modern, Chic, and Tastefully designed all of the baby products at Bronwen Handcrafted leave you drooling on your computer monitor. Ive been staring at this ring sling made from the most beautiful Marimekko fabric for weeks. Have you seen anything more beautiful? Hmm.. This Marimekko sling also by Bronwen Handcrafted is a pretty close runner up!

Along with Ring Slings, Bronwen Handcrafted offers a amazing selection of gorgeous baby products including mei tai's, podaegis, pouch slings, adorable baby shoes, stunningly gorgeous quilts, and fabulous jewelry. All made from top quality designer fabrics all those fashion goddesses out there will highly appreciate.

I ended up going with the black silk Mei Tai, though that Marimekko black and white ring sling was awfully tempting. I am most comfortable carrying Connor on my back at this point and I love the security a mei tai and the simplicity of the black silk combined with the ability to actually accomplish my chores on one of Connor's super cranky days, makes this one a winner in my book.

For all of those dad's out there looking for that perfect mother's day gift for their beautiful wives, girlfriends, mothers.. May I highly suggest you check out the Amphrities necklace in the Bronwen Handcrafted Etsy shop. Its personally on high on my mother's day gift wishlist!

You can visit Bronwen on her webpage as well as her Etsy shop!


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