Friday, March 14, 2008

Custom cuteness you just can't resist!

I love to find adorable and unique baby clothes for Connor and nothing pleases me more to have something that is one of a kind (or at least one of not that many!). Nothing is worst than going to the mall and seeing three kids with the same outfit.

With Hand Picked Pumpkin not only will your son or daughter be absolutely adorable but the odds of someone else showing up at a birthday party with the same outfit is pretty slim, not even if you told all your friends about it!

Hand Picked Pumpkin takes some very simple designs and puts a whole new twist on the basics. You pick which design you want and then you get to customize each part of the outfit in the fabrics and patterns YOU want! Its incredibly fun but I warn you it took me over an hour to pick out one outfit as I kept changing the design back and forth. In the end I had to send my top three picks in and let Allison (the owner of Hand Picked Pumpkin) choose for us, as I just couldn't do it!

In the end we got a blue overall pants romper with the most adorable brown polka dot fabric for the straps and a stripped fabric for the inside and pocket lining. The overall itself is soo soft and though usually I am not a huge overall fan this one takes the cake for cuteness.

This whole custom clothing business could really become an addiction. I'd really like to get the long sleeved crew playsuit for fall as well as the custom hoodie!

Run on over to Hand Picked Pumpkin and check out their clothing, I highly recommend you at least play with their garment builder (pick anything you like and "customize" it) its fun!


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