Saturday, March 29, 2008

Book Review : Little Boy

Little Boy
by Alison McGhee

Before I became a mother I never realized how overly emotional I would get over some of the simplest things: a tooth, a smile, being handed a block, a little hand on my face, things that just didn't seem so important before seem like my entire world now.

Even in those rare moments I feel as if I just can't take one more tear, or another minute of whining, Connor will do something so simple and so adorable that the three days of pure teething torment before seem years ago.

I read
Little Boy for the first time after Connor had gone to bed and I admit I had to choke back the tears. As an adult time flies by so fast and the little moments in life are lost if you blink too fast, but as a child I remember when a week seemed like forever. Just today my friend Heather's daughter asked me if she could spend the night. I knew I had a bunch of cleaning to do and some blogging to catch up on, not to mention the fact that getting up early to take her to Church would kill me at this point from the lack of sleep. So to make a long story short I told her it would be fine if she came to stay with me on a Friday night... she promptly told me that Friday was a very long time away. I had half the mind to argue with her, then I remembered when I was her age a week was a really long time away. It seems almost a cruel joke that when your 12 and under a day can feel like an eternity and a month might as well be a year, there is so much time and nothing ever seems like a rush. That all changes sometime after sixteen and certainly it seems as if time speeds up in triple after twenty.

Little Boy is the perfect reminder of life's little moments and how important the smallest things are to a child. Your special pajamas, the family dog, small discoveries, and of course cardboard boxes. For those mom's like me who realize how fast those little moments will fly by, its also a tearful reminder not to blink and savor every moment you can.


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