Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Toy Review : Woody Click

Would anyone like to do some farming with me?

Woody Click offers beautiful toys that are as fun to "build" as they are to play with. Each toy comes in parts that snap together building all the parts of your little wooden play set. I'm in love with them as they are as beautiful as they are fun!

Growing up with horses I'm always attracted to farming sets and I have to admit a big attraction for me to this set is the ADORABLE little carrots and lettuce your little wooden farmer can farm, but be careful the wooden pigs don't eat all your wooden carrots!!

Personally, I value toys that require the child to use their imagination. Those battery powered light up toys are great and I think every child should have some, but a selection of toys that leave most of the play to the child's own creativity is priceless. My favorite toys growing up did not require batteries and I could spend hours coming up with endless play scenarios.

Very well made and surprisingly affordable for wooden toys the play sets start at $4.99 and go up. I can't wait to do some farming with Connor as I'm not sure who is going to love these toys more.. me or him!

Want them?
You can buy Woody Click toys from HapeToys, Amazon or find a retailer near you!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey!! Nice toy! I also found at BabyCenter many good quality of toys at reasonable price...

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