Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feeding Review : Kiddopotamus Bibbity & Tiny Diner

Kiddopotamus is known for its great SwaddleMe wraps but did you know they also made awesome bibs and feeding products?

Connor is notorious about wearing his lunch in his lap. The Bibbity is great for catching those crumbs and once he is done eating I just give it a good rinse in the sink and hang it off the back of his chair and we are good to go. The bib is generously sized without being overwhelming so you could use this all the way through the toddler years. I LOVE the way it adjust (no Velcro.. just little tabs which are surprisingly great and wash better than Velcro)

I became intrested in the Tiny Diner after my aunt scolded me for letting Connor eat off the table in a resteruant (... I did wipe it off first) She kept leaving disposable placemats in my diaper bag as some sort of hint. The disposable mats are great but they take up alot of space in the diaper bag and they tend to wrinkle up. The Tiny Diner rolls up, stores easily, and of course is reusable so you do not have to feel bad about throwing away all those disposables. It actually forms a bit of a tray that helps keep the food where it should be really well! We use ourI actually became interested in the Tiny Diner after my aunt scolded me for letting Connor eat off the table in as at home and on the go and love the fact that it has suction cups to keep it in place as well as a catch bin which helps our little messy man contain his spills.

The Bibbity and Tiny Diner are both PVC, latex and lead free. Both are super soft, waterproof, and easily washable. Both roll up for easy storage in your diaper bag (or bib drawer!) They both come in blue, pink and green!

Want them?

The Bibbity and Tiny Diner are both available on Amazon and in most major retailers (like Babies R Us!). You may also buy them in my online store!


Emily said...

I just wanted to know that I linked to your blog from mine as a way of saying "thank you"! I don't get a ton of traffic on mine, but hopefully I can generate some your way.

Thank you again and I can't wait to get the DVD!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this review...I've had my eye on the Tiny Diner for a couple of weeks! It's really had to find a good placemat in stores for some reason!
Hope you and your crew are feeling better VERY soon!

Allison said...

Thanks so much for this -- I just got a tiny diner for my son and I was so excited when all I had to do was roll up the mess and wash the mat and reuse it. I never thought he could eat a banana in a restaurant...until now!

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