Saturday, February 16, 2008

Car Seat Review : Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat

Connor recently received an Evenflo Triumph Advance Deluxe Convertible Carseat to review and so far we love it.

If your looking for a very easy to use easy to adjust car seat, especially being grandparent friendly, this car seat so far from what I have seen in other seats cannot be beat. All of the adjustment points are marked in red on the seat so even someone unfamiliar with the seat can easily find and adjust any aspect of the seat.

For those of you that babysit or have multiple sized children you will LOVE the ability to adjust the car seat without taking it out of the car. The Straps are fully adjustable both at the shoulder and tightness at just a touch of a button (no re-threading of straps required!!).. I have never seen another car seat that allows for shoulder adjustment without removing the seat, that still baffles me every time I use it. We use this car seat in Connor's great aunt's car and my parents car for the days I go to school so he does not ride it in daily and often I go to put him in it and he has grown and we must adjust the straps. Previously this would have been a total nightmare especially when I am in a hurry to get to school. No longer, if you grab both straps at the same time at shoulder level (both marked in red) and pull upwards or downwards at the same time the straps adjust without any issues. Another red lever on both sides of the seat releases the straps to make them looser and a black dial on both sides tightens them. Easy peasy.

This car seat is LARGE compared to many other convertibles which depending on your situation can be a blessing or a deal breaker. Its rather tall and wide so it will easily accommodate any sized baby and is rated for for children from 5 to 50 lbs. They do make up for the width and size for smaller babies by including some great and very plush adjustable "pillows" that mold the seating area for smaller infants. This again is another feature that I find rare in other car seats especially in this price range. The advantage to the size is it will grow with your child until you are firmly into a booster seat and for those larger babies out there there is plenty of room to grow. The only disadvantage is its tall and wide.. so those of you that have smaller backseats may find it harder to fit this car seat in comfortable in the rear facing position (in the foward facing position there should be no issues), and it may be a tight squeeze for some cars to hold two of these comfortably if your sporting twins. I have a older Honda CRV and its a tight squeeze for us in rear facing (but forward fits fine) but in my Mom's Civic and my aunt's Saturn is a non issue. Connor is a rather small and short baby so the adjustable headrest does not come down quite far enough for him even in the lowest setting, not that he cares or he knows any diffrent his other car seat most certainly does not have a head rest!! lol

Honestly I can say the only thing I wish they would have added on this car seat that they did not is diffrent latch clasps.. one with a push button release vs an old style clasp. Though seeing as very few car seats offer this its more of a luxury wish than a requirement.. and I rarely move this car seat from car to car so its not really a huge issue. I should note that the Evenflo Triumph Advance Premier does have this option!

All in all this car seat is incredibly plush and has more features than even some of the car seats three times its price. Connor does not complain when riding in it and who could blame him? It looks more like a recliner than a car seat and it certainly has more features than my own recliner (including three diffrent recline seatings!!). At an average price of about $139 to $159 (depending on which car seat in the series you purchase) thats a steal for what you get for your money.

If you can tell from the picture Connor certainly likes it!

Want one?

Evenflo Car Seats are sold at most major retailers and are available on Amazon! I also added a selection of the diffrent Triumph models in my online store for you guys to check out!


Brenners said...

Oh. My. Word. I love love love this car seat. We have an older model without the easy shoulder strap ajustment for our oldest. We were so excited when we got another one just the other week for our younger son, to find the new easy ajust sholder strap feature.

Stacy said...

Can I just have that little nibblet whose riding IN the car seat? :) Man is he CUTE.

Michele said...

We just bought this exact car seat for our is so wonderful! I recommend it.

Walkerfamily1412 said...

very cute seat and baby! but PLEASE raise the chest clip to arm pit level and tighten the straps! keep that little one safe by using the seat right!

Anonymous said...

Great writeup! I just got this seat and LOVE it.

And I agree on all fronts ...

SUPER adorable baby!

AWESOME car seat!

But if you read your manual you will see that that clip is too low, and those straps need to be wayyyy snug, and make sure that the harness isn't too high, for RF it should be right at, or even below, the shoulders.

No biggie, easy change to make :) Hope to see some pics with it correct!

Thanks for sharing.

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