Thursday, January 17, 2008

Organzation Review : Baby Briefcase

I think I have been watching Oprah too much lately as when this organizer came in the mail I actually said "hallalureh" (or however she says it in that fake southern accent)

Baby Briefcase is AWESOME for those moms like me who have been carrying around their babies important documents in a plain manila folder. I am not known for my super duper organizational skills so I really love gadgets that make me look like I have some.

All of that aside its a really great (and portable I may add) way to keep your babies (or even older child's) paperwork nice, tidy, and even pretty without going all super scrapbooker superhero.

Inside you will find 15 plastic tabbed folders, six of which are pre labeled for you. The great part is that they are not just "dividers" they are actual folders that you can remove and use and then put back inside the organizer. The organizer does come with a preprinted thank you note tracker and some baby info wallet cards.

The only thing I wish this organizer had is more preprinted forms or at least some downloadable forms on the webpage. My handwriting is AWFUL and I do mean AWFUL, year of typing nonstop does not do your handwriting skills any good trust me. So I love preprinted forms that at least can minimalize the exposure to others of my awful handwriting. One for a shot record would be really nice..

All in all we love the Baby Briefcase and I have a feeling I will be handing it to Connor when he moves out one day far far away.

Want one?
You can get your own Baby Briefcase from their webpage or on Amazon for $29.95


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