Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Review : BusyBodyBook

Spring is coming (or at least spring in the terms of college!) and I am on the quest for a new planner. I have several planners to try out and all of them are fabulous but which one will be right for me? I'm not sure yet.

This is the last review in my planner series and in many ways I saved the best for last! (honestly I have a hard time choosing which of these planners is the best as they all have points that stand out from each other and to answer that question it would truly depend on your needs)


I saved this planner for last and truly last is not least.

The BusyBodyBook in our group of planners stands out as its the cheapest of the three journals I'm reviewing. The reason I mention that right off hand is in no way does cheapest mean its lesser of a planner. In many ways it offers everything and plus some of the other planner I've reviewed. For moms on a budget who have always dreamed of having a really nice, really organized planner for you!

This planner is a grid based planner and can track 5 different schedules be it your work/family/school ect.. or you and four others (really its totally up to your own imagination!). It also features two really unique options. On every page opposite of the daily calender there is a "to doodles page" which you can use to write yourself notes, doodle, ect. I really like this feature as sometimes those little planing boxes on each day are just not big enough for my entire list. There is also a list view for each month in 2009! Though honestly my favorite part of this entire planner is in the back of the planner there are pull out "To Do" lists. I can think of a zillion ways to use these!

I think honestly the only drawback to these planners vrs the other two is they are made much like a spiral notebook. The cover is a heavy coated paper and it is bound the same way as a spiral notebook. If your not rough on your planners that will not even remotely be an issue for you and in some ways its really nice as they will open up flat on the table. Its much bigger than the Clarity but its a lot thinner than the MomAgenda.

Want one?
You can buy a BusyBodyBook from their webpage or from Amazon!


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