Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Diaper Rash & The Coupon Disaster

My poor little man is soo sad. He has an awful diaper rash and we spent three hours at the doctor's today. We did get some new cream to hopefully take care of it, but the whole ordeal took almost 5 hours as the pharmacy couldn't fill his prescription as it turns out his insurance company had his birthday AND social all wrong. We did get it taken care of and Ill get a refund in a few days but for some odd reason the cashier at CVS had a real problem with my coupons. Is it just me or has anyone noticed lately that clerks are awfully touchy if you use more than $5 worth of coupons? I'm a coupon junkie and its not uncommon for me to have $60+ dollars worth of coupons on a $150 purchase. All legit all hard earned and searched down, but the clerks look at me like I'm some sort of criminal lately. I moved all my prescriptions to CVS as up till recently all my transactions with them have been wonderful and their pharmacist is excellent. However, now I'm starting to rethink that decision. I realize its a busy season but is it all that much to ask for the clerk to ring up a few coupons. Today it wasn't even a pile it was just five but the total off was pretty much half of my bill. Ahh well. If anyone has tried to use those Polly Pocket coupons you'll see what I mean, at least in my experience that never goes over well. (Just try to use one at Wal-mart, good luck)

Ahh well. Hopefully Connor will feel better by Christmas. I have another giveaway planned for tomorrow! How exciting is that?

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Brooke said...

OOOOHHHH...I loveeee coupons!!! I have just recently been introduced to Walgreens (They just built one in my town) and my friend showed me how to get stuff for FREE!!!! I love FREE!!! :))

Now we make a once a week trip and take all of our coupons and yes, we get the looks from the salespeople too!!!! I don't care, I'm getting a bargain!

Where do you get your coupons??? The only place I've been finding them is in the Sunday paper...any other places I should be looking?

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