Friday, November 30, 2007

Warning : Contents may explode at any point.

Just a warning to those of you out there that are lurking about. My computer has been slowly dying over the last few months but today it may have headed on the final downward spiral. If for some odd reason I dissapear without notice the Trolls under my bed did not get me I promise.

Never fear if I dissapear I will be back.. reviews will be completed.. prizes given away.. it may just be a few days/weeks depending on how long it takes me to get a new computer. There are rumors that some parts may arrive today but keeping in mind past experiences and financial obligations that may or may not work out.

The fact that my computer now randomly turns itself off and is making awful noises Im assuming the inevidable is apon me. Ive had a short in my motherboard for months.. Im honestly not sure what happened first, one of the memory sticks went bad a while back and though the computer reads it, it is not funcitonal and then I started getting weird errors and memory leaks. I know at some point something shorted out the motherboard (most likely the storm we had a few months back that caused a big power surge) and the poor little solider has been holding on but I knew it was dying and honestly Im suprised its lasted this long. So what it boiled down to is I needed a new motherboard, processer, and memory. My harddrives for the time being (thank god) are fine. If anyone has ever seen or heard me working on a computer you will know how tramatic this is for me. (In a past life I was a computer tech and it caused me to be violent and angry person which is the exact opposite of how I am.. so I HATE working on computers as I find them fickle and testy)

People keep saying that computers are getting cheaper.. but this little "snaffu" is costing me dearly. Why can't we purchase computer insurance like car insurance? I honestly could live without my car (ok maybe not with Connor's stuff) but I get all sweaty and paniced if I can't check my email at least twice a day. (ok I admit Im addicted to this stupid box.. its my lifeline) I hope for the sake of everyone around me that the new parts come quickly and actually work... as if this thing kicks it today I'm not going to be easy to live with.

Speaking of which Connor woke up at 6:30 this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I on the other hand was not. Then just to frustrate me he went back to bed at 8am. I did not. What happened to sleeping in late?

I smell a bad day brewing. Maybe the mailman will bring me some goodies to cheer me up.

I fear a riot may brew over on Contests Annonymous if I am gone for too long....yesh.. lets not tell them quite yet... and hopefully this is all just a test of the emergency broadcast network not a real meltdown.


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