Tuesday, November 27, 2007

KozyPal Cart Covers

A few weeks ago we won a contest for a gift certificate to KozyPal. I was excited but I had no idea just how excited until I got my cart cover in the mail.

Grocery shopping up till this point has almost been a nightmare. Connor wants to look around and visit with all the people in the store and gets horribly frustrated if I leave him in his carrier as he can not see as well. However, If I put him in the shopping cart it always turned into a disaster as he slid around and was not terribly secure plus those carts look horribly uncomfortable! The trip usually ended with him bumping his head on the cart somewhere and screaming bloody murder!

This cart cover solved all our problems in one. Its soo comfortable (and beautiful!) and Connor now can sit safely and securely in the shopping cart in full view of everyone so he is free to chat with every poor person that walks past us. As you can see from Connor's smiling face he LOVES it. My cart cover also came with a bottle holder (standard) and I purchased the extra pillow which I highly recommend as it really seems to help stabilize a more wobbly baby and it gives them a great place to lay their heads if they get tired.

You can also use your cart cover on highchairs. I have not used mine yet this way but next time we are in a resteraunt I'll try it out and post you guys a picture.

For moms convince the entire thing rolls in to a "bed roll" and you use the strap as a handle. Its very easy to roll and easy to transport. I'm always in a rush and it does not frustrate me one bit!

When I was registering for baby gifts I left out a cart cover as all the covers I had seen previously, honestly, were cheaply made and did not look like they made a bit of diffrence at all. Needless to say I was not all that intrested in one at all until I saw these!

You can pick your own fabric as well as send in your own fabric if you do not like the current selection. I picked a ready made design as I wanted mine NOW and I do not regret it one bit. KozyPals start at $59.95 and belive me its worth every penny. I'm a mom on a seriously tight budget and with the frustration this saves me it was worth it, even on a single student mom's budget! I only wish I could have gotten one sooner, soo many shopping trips would have been saved if only I had had this. If you want one for yourself head on over to KozyPal and please tell them I sent you (we'd really appreciate that!)!


CK Hwang said...

Hey Angela, thanks so much for sharing your wedding story with us. Your baby Connor is sooooo cute. Here's wishing you a lifetime filled with nothing but joy and happiness.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Conner is incredibly cute! I can only assume that your college professors get lots of great compositions from you. You're a great writer!

Stephanie said...

I have a Floppy cart cover and absolutely love it! It keeps my baby comfortable and clean at grocery stores and restaurants. It was a great investment!

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