Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmas Wishes

Ohh If I only had limitless money to spend for Christmas.. *sigh*

It's nice to dream! Here would be my wishlist if I could spend like a rockstar!

Chumby - The most recent addtion to things I want! This thing is truely a rockstar all on its own right. Check it out and check out my blog posting all about it. I'm not just partial because I know one of the founders honestly its really neato. I want one in pink.. which *cough* they don't make (yet.. hint hint.. hint hint.. come on Ken.. PINK!!!)

SanDisk Sansa Shaker 1 GB MP3 Player (Pink) - ok its not super expensive but it has to be the coolest MP3 player in the price range. I'd defently take this any day over any others. When you have a baby the built in speaker is VERY neat!

WOWWEE Robopanda Robot - its a robo panda... nuff said! I think its just a throw back to how I desperately wanted an AIBO for so many years and realizing thats insaine seeing as I have 7 (ok currently 8) real dogs!

iRobot 530 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, White - in a past life I actually had a roomba. It was by far the best gift I had ever recieved. Unfortuantly my roomba (version one) broke over the years. Now that I have hardwood floors it would be ideal to get another little roomba pal to do my vacumning for me!

Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat Park Avenue - for Connor of course. He has a really nice infant car seat (thanks Grandmommie) but now that he is getting bigger its almost impossible to move him around in it and my back would be so thankful for a convertable seat. This is the one I would buy if I could!

The entire collection of Barefoot Books!!

My ultimate wish would be to win a new honda as mine has well over 100k miles on it. ;) That is of course a crazy dream!

If your curious our actual wish lists are here :
Angela's Wish List
Connor's Wish List

I hope you all get everything you want for Christmas!
Angela & Connor


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