Monday, March 2, 2009

"The First Adventures of Incredible You" is one of the most highly personalized children's books on the market today. Customers are able to "build" a one-of-a kind book at the Custom Made For Kids website by inserting over 20 personal facts about a child and the people and places that are most important to that child. From tasting a favorite food to cheering on a beloved sports team to visiting a special vacation spot or park, this rhyme-based book celebrates the first adventures of every young child that "stars" in it. By personalizing these experiences, "The First Adventures of Incredible You" highlights the connection between children and the people and places that are special to them in their young lives. There is also a dedication page in the full-color,hardcover book where you may provide a personal message so that the child will always remember that this thoughtful gift came from you. The delightful illustrations are cleverly executed so that the book is perfect for any child -- no matter what their sex, race or family structure. "The First Adventures of Incredible You" makes a memorable keepsake that both children and parents alike will cherish for a lifetime.

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joeyandaleethea said...

This book sounds like lots of fun, I'm off to check it out!

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