Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The kids are gone till August and I miss them!

UGH! The kids are all gone till August and I have no idea what to do with myself. Ok, I absolutely do know what to do with myself as all of last month was spent almost 24/7 going places with the kids and "cocooning" (see my next post) so we have yet to fully organize since the move, we have yet to get anything really settled with some of the documents I need to do since my dad passed. I had minor surgery a week ago and I ended up in the hospital for a night and if any of you know me personally you know how much I HATE lying in a bed so of course I haven't been healing nearly as fast as I should. I can't play Pokemon Go 24/7 for the next few weeks so I need to be using this time to get the house organized, to clean out the kids rooms and declutter as though I make the kids keep their rooms fairly neat and we did a toy purge before we moved we need to do a major secondary purge.

I spent most of the last few months furiously shopping for clothes for Penelope and Connor for school as Penelope came to us with basically nothing other than a lot of toys. When we moved to the new house she had not only outgrown what little in the way of clothes she had but most of her wardrobe her mom sent us was school uniforms which after we relocated Penelope will be going to school with the boys which has no uniforms. I used to always think the boys had an ungodly amount of clothes but with girls its a whole different ballgame. Shirts, skirts, tank tops, shorts, jeans, sweat pants, pajamas, dresses, more than one pair of shoes, and holy god at the leggings. Penelope was also stuck in this habit of only wearing "comfortable" clothes ie sweat pants/workout type clothes and that's just not appropriate for school. We also had to buy her all new furniture and my mind boggles as to how much money we really spent to make all that happen. We are not wealthy, but we got it all done and two coats of paint later I think she has a cooler room than I do!

Needless to say between moving, getting Penelope all squared away, and dealing with all the other drama of the last year we I have had ZERO time and almost ZERO kidless time. I honestly can tell you I do NOT like it. I need this time to get some stuff done around this house but I would much rather be at the pool or the bowling alley with the kids. Unlike some Mom's (and I'm not shaming here at all) I really really enjoy being with my kids and my kids really enjoy (between the petty arguments) being with each other. My mother babysits for a few hours one night a week close to bedtime and the kids spend the night so we can have some adult time but for the most part we do almost everything with at least one kid in tow.

Today I spent the day gutting Penelope's toy box getting rid of the countless pieces of paper and nonsense she collects. I came up with some cool ideas for her to display some of her collectibles and spent some time reorganizing her closet so I could make sure I wasn't missing anything for school clothes. Later this week I will do the same to the boys room and next week spend some quality time gutting the living room and kitchen. Combining two households without fail means you have WAY too many of some things and not enough of others. I also have 8 million things to buy for all the kids for school. How on earth do these kids need five dozen pencils EACH? As busy as I am though I can't help missing my babies. I pray the next two weeks will pass quickly.


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