Thursday, May 12, 2016

Daily Adventures : Going away parties

Because our life is absolutely ridiculous at times I guess it seems only appropriate to start talking about our daily lives. This week is our friend Pep's last week before he PCS (Permanent Change of Station for you non military folks!) to another state. As always they do a going away party at a local restaurant usually over lunch. The last few PCS parties have been at our local Red Robin which honestly thrills me as I adore Red Robin's burgers and bottomless fries the problem is our local Red Robin just can't handle it.

Mind you sure we brought quite a few people into the store all at the same time but most of us were sitting at our own booths and other than our party there wasn't a ton of people in the Red Robin at the time. It was no busy with us there than a typical lunch time and we were not in a huge hurry. The problem is though they handled most of the people with no issues OUR table was sitting there for an hour and no one had even taken our drink order. At one point half the people at our table actually got upset and CALLED in orders as takeout and got their food BEFORE we even got our food at the table.

Though if you think about it.. it was kind of funny sitting there eating lunch at a table where half the people at the table had take out orders. The not funny part of it is my husband ended up spending almost 3 hours in Red Robin by the time we got our bill for what should have been maybe an hour and a half. Eh. Honestly I just like spending time with our friends and having them held hostage at Red Robin trying to eat is just another excuse for us to be together. ;)


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