Monday, November 22, 2010

A little update on us..

Well what can I say about 2010 thus far. heh.. hands down if I never see another doctor in my life after this year I'll be ecstatic. I swear that's all we do anymore.

Dylan is still undergoing testing to attempt to determine why he is not gaining weight and muscle appropriately. Though he seems super sad in the picture we had a small victory today in the fact that his cystic fibrosis sweat test was negative. He is standing up now as well but still no independent sitting.

My arm is healing but not nearly as fast as I'd like, I find it so odd that the broken bone is actually pretty painless now but nerve damage makes it feel as if my hand and wrist is on fire pretty much round the clock lately. I will say even that would be bearable if I could type properly. It is KILLING me only having full function in one hand. For those of you like me who spend most of their day typing.. try typing a paragraph with one hand after your used to typing lightening fast.

I really will say though the picture of Dylan pouting over having his arms wrapped for a sweat test is downright priceless. That lip popped out and the more people seemed to notice the farther out it came.

More later.


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