Friday, August 27, 2010

Calling sufferers of Multiple Myeloma and Difused Cerebral Volumn Loss.. HELP!

Anyone who knows me or my daddy knows that if "Paw Paw" is in town the boys are not far behind. I'm totally a daddy's girl and my boys love their Paw Paw as much as I do.

Recently my father was diagnosed with Simmering Multiple Myeloma. At least at the moment they believe its Simmering... they still need another set of blood work in October to know for sure as its still a recent diagnosis. The last few years though seem to have been an endless number of health problems all starting with a Pancreas attack that happened in 2005 that has been linked to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. Since that we have battled Diabetes (started when he lost a good majority of his pancreas), bladder cancer, low kidney function, a cyst on his kidneys, and for awhile now they have been seeing "something" on his blood work but we have not been certain what it was though cancer came up several times.

In the end a visit with a blood doctor gave us some answers though seeing as I know practically nothing about Multiple Myeloma no one is really so sure how to react. Along with the Multiple Myleoma a CT scan also revealed he has the start of Diffused Cerebral Volume Loss around the Cerebellum. Again I know practically nothing about either condition other than the fact that I know Multiple Myeloma is not curable. What we need to know or at least hear stories about is how this has affected you, someone in your family, or friends. Anyone else out there with a family member with already compromised kidney's doing successful treatment? What exactly is Diffused Cerebral Volume Loss and what does it mean? Are there some lifestyle changes, diet changes, even possibly other treatments that will help or at least slow progression of either condition?

Myself, my father, and my family really appreciates your feedback.


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