Sunday, April 18, 2010

The smallest thing can bring everything back into prospective.

My life has been one of constant change. As a child I rarely lived anywhere more than a year at a time and I've been to more schools than I can count on two hands. Not that I'm complaining obviously there are some major disadvantages to moving that much in a lifetime, like not being able to remember more than a dozen names of the childhood friends you've had, but the advantage is I've had the luxury of knowing some of the most amazing people. Some of which I've met in the most unexpected places.

From my best friend of all time Natasha who just happened to live across from the barn where I kept one of my horses. She was older and popular, I was the perpetual tomboy and more interested in books than pep rallys. She lives what might as well be a million miles away and we've not seen each other in a decade but I can still call her anytime and feel totally at home. To some of the most influential people in my life, one of the best writers I've ever met Nigel who just blows me away at how brave he is and the challenges he's overcome yet still can throw one of the best parties ever! We met randomly at a rescue dog meeting and I sold him a puppy and I feel like he's part of my big extended family now. To Shooter who I actually met in an online chat room before anyone hardly knew what the internet was back when I was in middle school. He was so shy and used to hide behind this mop of a haircut, I thought it was just the cutest thing! Now he has no problems singing in front of big audiences. That's inspired me to be braver than I might not normally be. Lets not even forget Brian who's little "Bob" comics and poems which he left drawn on practically every surface of my notebooks (all of which I kept to this day) in high school kept my head above water through all of the teenage angst. I still go back and read them when I'm feeling all alone. Not to mention the fact that I'm terribly sentimental and I still have these notebooks that I had people write letters to me in so I could remember them. Talk about one of my greatest treasures.

Lets not even forget my amazing husband Chris who four nights a week goes to work and puts his life on the line for total strangers. I don't think I tell him quite enough how intensely proud I am of him. I'm not the only one either, Connor just beams with joy any time he tells anyone that his daddy is a "police officer". I have feeling that one little person I know might just wanna follow his his Daddy's footsteps one day. When Chris started the academy I never thought I'd be happy to say that, but you know.. I am.

So what started all this thinking about the past? Well a friend of mine on facebook posted a video, that I had seen before, from Playing For Change. An amazing project that features mostly street musicians from around the world. If you've not seen it, you really must go check it out. In the meantime enjoy one of my favorite songs from their website.

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Sky said...

Simply incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. I love it!

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