Thursday, July 2, 2009

We have some HUGE news to share with you guys.

Ok, I'm saving the big news for later and I promise its HUGE HUGE HUGE. Needless to say its been slow around here the last two months but let me tell you it's been crazy. Needless to say in the last two months I've been away more than home and nothing has happened as planned. Right after the birthday bash was over we headed to Florida for a wedding, my wedding, as up till now Chris and I have never been married and I at times I thought we'd never would be! Heh. Afterwards we went to Orlando and spent a week enjoying Disney World and Universal for most likely the last time before we have kids in tow. Yes yes I left Connor with his grandparents and I felt guilty about it every time I saw something I knew he would love. I'm glad he was with the grandparents though as it rained the entire time we were there and he would have been miserable. Lucky for us rain meant it wasn't so hot and there was barely a wait for any of the rides. Not to mention without a toddler it was super easy to ride Areosmith five times in a row, quite possibly my favorite roller coaster known to man.

Once back from Florida I was barely home before I was called back to Florida as my cousin was in labor. I consider her son my nephew as we were both only children and Connor has spent many weekends with Aunt Jennifer and Uncle David before the birth of my new nephew Kynlee. The delivery was a bit rough and I thought he would never get here but he's gorgeous and I couldn't be more excited for Jennifer and David. Connor wants to hold and kiss his new cousin every chance he gets I just wish it wasn't a three and a half hour drive to do that or we would be down there much more often to bask in the yummy baby goodness.

So, I get back home and figure at last I'll be able to get back to work and without fail my mother ends up deathly ill and needs emergency surgery to remove several inches of her small intestines. Turns out she has had Meckel's diverticulum which is similar to diverticulitis but in this case is congenital. Needless to say most people find out they have this condition when they are toddlers but she did not find out until recently. It makes me wonder if all along her "spastic colon" was caused by this condition. The recovery process has been very slow as there was a lot of infection and she's been in alot of pain. She is finally back home after over a week's stay in the hospital and I'm hoping she will be feeling better soon.

While in Florida I visited a Welsh pony farm. Growing up I showed hunter/jumper horses and ponies and was lucky enough to have owned and competed with some of the best. My last pony at the age of 17 is still going strong on the A circuit and I'm feel like a gloating mommy when I see videos of him on youtube. I sold him shortly before our last move to Atlanta while I was still in high school along with my long time show partner Tarheel (a obnoxious and driven appendix bred quarter horse that landed me championships in everything we attempted from jumpers to dressage and we even attempted reining at one point successfully). Tarheel went on to win more 4H titles than should ever be allowed to one horse in one lifetime and sadly I've lost touch with him and I fear his age finally got the best of him. Blue was just a three year old when I last saw him and it still breaks my heart to think about him though I love the fact that he has touched so many young people. There has been horses since the dynamic duo in my life but none quite as special as my two buddies. Needless to say it's my hope and dream that I can share my intense passion for horses with my son but on a police officers salary the budget for horses is a bit limited. Needless to say thanks to Promise Ponies in Milton Florida, Connor will be receiving his first pony in a few short weeks. Not to mention I got to meet a pony I've been dying to see my entire life it seems. Snow Pony Blondus resides at Promise Ponies and I cant even believe it when I say that Dove our new welsh pony will be coming home hopefully in foal to him! Thanks Danielle, you will always be in our hearts for allowing us to bring Dove home with us. I'm counting the days and hours till she arrives. Connor has been practicing his "riding" skills on his Daddy in the pool. heh. Talk about one lucky baby boy, I didn't get my first pony till the first grade and my first "pony" was an ex barrel racing horse who pretty much hated everyone but me. I actually had a farrier show up at our house and refuse to touch him as he had a reputation that preceded himself. You could have never convinced me otherwise and Tonka was a complete gentleman around me, but don't even bother letting an adult near him. Dove is beyond words a dream come true for Connor's first pony. Beautiful, well bred, and young enough that they can both grow up together. She's a little too young and inexperienced for him at the moment but by the time Connor is old enough to ride her on his own Mommy will have her ready and waiting.

There is one more piece of this puzzle of why I've been away lately but I'll leave that news for a bit later.


Superdumb Supervillain said...

Wow! Congratulations on your wedding, on your new "niece" and on Connor's new pony... I hope your mom is recuperating well, too. You've had a busy stretch, huh?!

katy said...

Congratulations on tieing the knot! Connor will enjoy Disney more when he gets a little older. Wow, he's getting a pony! He looked so cute kissing the baby. I hope your Mother is recovering well.

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness! That is a lot of excitement and adventures to be happening all at once... Congratulations on welcoming Dove to the family!

Unknown said...

=) Congratulations on your wedding! It's about damn time.

Also, grats on the pony!

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