Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its been one of those weeks.

I apologize in advance for the late posts this week its totally unlike me but its was a pretty rough week this last week. Between two Anatomy tests at school, finding out that my dad has to go in for more testing, some family drama, my 30th birthday being incredibly disappointing, and now Connor has had a 102 fever for two days needless to say its not been the best week of the year.

The good news is this coming week officially starts our holiday season, this means that we will be reviewing some fabulous toys, games, electronics, and gift items for everyone on your wish list from baby to grandma so when it comes time to buy something really special we will have you hooked up with some of the best options there are which should take some of the stress out of holiday shopping. Ive been working hard for months to line up a great selection and I think you guys will be excited. I will also have some great giveaways to help get your holiday stash started as well!

You know as bad as my week was, and as awful as Connor feels right now there were some great highlights including one of the best snuggle sessions I can ever remember me and Connor having since he stoped nursing. Saturday in the wee hours of the morning Connor woke up needing some extra attention. Its odd for him to wake up now before 8am but I brought him back to bed with me and we laid for a good hour on my pillow just staring at each other and giving each other kisses and rubbing noses. Its hard to get my little man to sit still long enough to really get anything more than a short hug and a quick kiss so I really enjoyed just laying there with him looking into those beautiful blue eyes talking about our upcoming day at the fair.

I guess it wasn't the worst week ever after all.

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Dee said...

I'm sorry you had a bad birthday! BUT YAY for a snuggle session! Those are the best!

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