Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do you really have 7 dogs??

I've gotten several emails asking if I did indeed have seven dogs.

For those of you that are curious, its true! I do have seven dogs (actually currently eight with a newish puppy). I raise and show (when there is time which lately has not happened) chihuahuas and one lone miniature pinsher. Don't be alarmed however all my dogs are under 7lbs with an average weight of 4lbs. I'm very proud of my fur babies and am always super excited when one of my fur grandbabies grows up to be a successful show dog. Currently one of my kids is doing fabulously in the specials ring. He is a minature pinscher by the name of Valdon's See You At The Top aka Topper who was born here last winter. (not long before Connor was born!) Keep your fingers crossed as I have a sneaky feeling he may just make me proud and end up at one of the big big shows soon (Westminster here we come!!!) For a dog breeder.. thats like winning an oscar!

Keep watching, you never know when one of my dogs will show up on my blog. Melos has been featured on several ocassions as he is Connor's best friend and sidekick. Its possible some of the other dogs can sneak in when you least expect it!


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