Friday, August 24, 2007

Tired, Confused, Elated - Can you feel them all at once?

Connor has a double ear infection.. the first time in his life he has ever been sick. So far I honestly cannot complain as though he is cranky ALL day long he is still sleeping for the most part through the night. I cant help to feel lucky to have him even when he is screaming right in my face. Just a year ago they told me I may not even be able to carry a baby but now after his very surprising (ha! talk about a surprise) arrival into this world he has only made my life better though sometimes.. (like at 8am this morning) I have the brief notion that maybe I should pack him up and send him to live with his grandpa for a few months!! (j/k dad don't even start thinking about coming to get him!! :) )

In just three weeks we will be on our way to Montgomery for good. I am excited but a little stressed about the whole move. Trying to pack with a screaming baby has been trying but Im getting it done. I'll cry when I finally leave this house.. I haven't been here long but its defently had some of the best moments so far in my life here. I'm very proud of my little house but its time to let it go and move on. Jenna the girl who is buying it seems like a nice girl and I wish her all the luck in the house that has defently brought me some good luck over the last year. I am a little concerned about the fact that I'm moving to AL kind of blindly. My family is there and they have been amazing getting everything ready for us (thank you SOOOO much for all of those that went and did even the smallest of jobs at the new house) but I am moving to a house that I have never seen other than in pictures and without an actual job lined up for sure (though one has been promised I'm always a realist in the fact that I know until its on paper its not always for sure). Until Connor came along I was much more willing to jump blindly but Ive found even in these few short months Ive become much less willing to dive without first testing the waters.

More later. Connor is waking up and I gotta go save him from his crib which at the moment he thinks is a prison.


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